Representation Requirements:

- Talent is required to have email and cell phone with voice mail.
- Talent is required to check email twice per day and reply to our email within 2 hours.
- Talent must be able to return our call within two hours and go on an audition with only one day’s notice.

We submit our talent to Casting Directors throughout the Southeast region, and we represent our talent exclusively to Casting Directors home-based in Georgia regardless of where a project is filmed. For example, if you have another agent/manager in FL or SC, they cannot submit you to any of the Georgia home-based Casting Directors.

What we expect from our talent:

- Portfolio/Head should be updated every 4 months or anytime your look (i.e. hair, weight) changes noticeably
- Resumes and comp card should be in our company format
- Talent is required to have email, check it at least twice a day, and reply to our email within 24 hours
- Talent is required to have a cell phone with voice mail, and return our call within 2 hours
- Talent is expected to go on an audition with only one day’s notice
- You are expected to always know the script and be in character at auditions
- If you have to cancel an audition or job, never use email, call no matter what time it is. We check voice mail after hours.When leaving a phone message, always leave your first and last name and the number you are calling from so we can return your call
- You must “book out” via email when going out of town and/or not available to go on auditions
- Use email to ask routine questions. Call with urgent questions
- If HOT SHOTS TALENT sends you on an audition or job, you cannot do another job for that client without going through HOT SHOTS TALENT as long as you are represented by us.

Our duties towards you:

- It is our job to negotiate contracts for you and make sure you are paid properly.
- The paychecks come to HOT SHOTS TALENT, not to you
- .Always include HOT SHOT TALENT’S phone number and address on any forms you sign.
- You will be mailed your check the day after it clears the bank
- .Each project will pay at different times, some in a few days, and some in 30 days.
- SAG-AFTRA union jobs will take out taxes.
- A 1099 form is mailed to you each tax year from HOT SHOTS TALENT for all non-union jobs totaling over $600.
- Do not sign any contracts on set if it does not say what we told you. Call us immediately from set to discuss.
- Do not leave set and then call us and ask about the pay, overtime, per diem, etc. If you sign it and leave, it is much harder to get you what you were due.
- If asked to change what you were being paid to do on set, or add to it, or anything different from what you were told, tell them you have to call your manager.
- If you are told that you don’t need to call your manager that is a big clue that you most certainly need to call your manager.
- Call us and hand the phone to client, and we’ll negotiate it for you.It is your manager’s job to negotiate and your job to be the congenial model, actress and/or actor on set.

Head shot Info Requirements for Headshots

- Commercial shot: a happy conservative look is used for commercials, print and industrial.
- Theatrical shot: an interesting, often sly look is used for film and television.NOTE * If only going with one look, use a “middle of the road” look.
- Headshots must be in color
- Portrait (vertical) orientation is preferred over landscape (horizontal) orientation
- Females over age 13 should use a make-up artist
- No jewelry, except small stud earrings
- Wear a solid shirt or sweater; no turtlenecks, logos, stripes, or prints
- Females must show length of hair; do not hide hair down your back
- Do not cut off top of head; we must see your whole head
- Pick interesting background lighting, not just a solid wall. Background should be slightly out of focus; can be outside or inside shot
- No shadows on the face at all
- No gums showing; practice in mirror if this is a habit for you
- Take some headshots with teeth showing and some without
- If you wear glasses and do not have contacts, you must wear your glasses in headshot


November 8


November 18


December 2


December 10


Recommended Photographer for Actor Headshots and Modeling Portfolios

Georgia: - (800) 910-1833 ext.2

Aspiring models, actresses and actors DO NOT confuse selfies with professional portfolio images. Selfies are generally taken by a camera phone, which is low in resolution and low in megapixels. Most camera phones produce pixelated, poor quality images that really don’t cut it for a professional modeling portfolio. Beyond the quality of the image, seeing an out-stretched arm in an image appears unprofessional. You may notice that selfies are not a part of supermodels’ portfolios. That’s because selfies are primarily meant for friends, family, and fans to see. Your portfolio is for prospective clients and other industry professionals to see.


Grow your portfolio with a variety of professionally taken pictures with that display different looks and poses.Your portfolio should showcase your very best work and will usually be judged by the weakest image. You don’t want a prospective client or agent to decline you, because you have a low quality, pixelated selfie.


There are many reasons why selfies have become a cultural phenomenon. Selfies are an honest form of photography that is personal, candid, and which we love sharing with our friends and family. As a model/actor, there are ways to work selfies into your personal lives, but make sure to separate the images that are seen by your personal and professional networks. Doing this will speak volumes about you as a professional.

We highly recommend that if you do NOT have professional photos to market yourself with please visit our photography services page ( where you can see packages and services that we offer and then call us at (800) 910-1833 ext.2 and BOOK YOUR SHOOT TODAY.

You deserve to take a REAL shot at your dreams. It's on you...



If HOT SHOTS TALENT coordinators like a model's look, they'll contact the model in under 48 hours. If a model is not contacted in 48 hours it means that the model's look is not suitable for HOT SHOTS TALENT at this time. This means HOT SHOTS TALENT may have several models represented that already have a similar look or that, based on experience, HOT SHOTS TALENT does not see a need for a particular look.

All materials will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, you will only be contacted if we are interested in representing you.  



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