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Aspiring models, actresses and actors DO NOT confuse selfies with professional portfolio images. Selfies are generally taken by a camera phone, which is low in resolution and low in megapixels. Most camera phones produce pixelated, poor quality images that really don’t cut it for a professional modeling portfolio. Beyond the quality of the image, seeing an out-stretched arm in an image appears unprofessional. You may notice that selfies are not a part of supermodels’ portfolios. That’s because selfies are primarily meant for friends, family, and fans to see. Your portfolio is for prospective clients and other industry professionals to see.


Grow your portfolio with a variety of professionally taken pictures with www.LookAtYouATL.com that display different looks and poses.Your portfolio should showcase your very best work and will usually be judged by the weakest image. You don’t want a prospective client or agent to decline you, because you have a low quality, pixelated selfie.


There are many reasons why selfies have become a cultural phenomenon. Selfies are an honest form of photography that is personal, candid, and which we love sharing with our friends and family. As a model/actor, there are ways to work selfies into your personal lives, but make sure to separate the images that are seen by your personal and professional networks. Doing this will speak volumes about you as a professional.

We highly recommend that if you do NOT have professional photos to market yourself with please visit our photography services page (http://www.lookatyouatl.com/photography.html) where you can see packages and services that we offer and then call us at (800) 910-1833 ext.2 and BOOK YOUR SHOOT TODAY.

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Are You Serious About Modeling/Acting?

The modeling/acting industry can be very exciting and rewarding for those that obtain a level of success in it. The problem is that everyone wants to be famous but only a very small few are willing to put in the necessary investments and do the required work.


We at Look At You ATL get talents that email us all the time wanting to be apart of a major casting call that they see featured on our website but when we look at their profile they are promoting themselves with amateur casual snap shots. Now ask yourself...why would a professional casting director and/or agency choose to hire someone that hasn't taken their career serious enough to at least update their portfolio when they get submissions from hundreds of other talents that DO have portfolios filled with professional pictures showing their true potential? Who would you choose?

How can you say that you are serious about modeling/acting but you aren't willing to invest in yourself to get the proper visuals? Would you hire a photographer even though you couldn't see any professional looking work and all they were using to market themselves with are some camera phone selfie styled photos? Then what makes you think that a casting director in charge of a high budget project would be interested in hiring a so-called talent with the same mediocre representation of themselves?

The bottom line is that if you ARE serious about modeling and acting you MUST bring something to the table and that something is a professional looking presentation. That is the ONLY way that legitimate opportunities are going to take you seriously.

"But I can't afford to invest in myself..." - If you can't afford that maybe you need to stop wasting your time and the time of those that you are submitting to and instead look for a 9-5...seriously.

"If an agency wants to work with me they should pay for my portfolio..." - Some agencies will do this but you have to show them what you are capable of doing before they make that type of investment in you. Why would they invest in an unknown talent that has NO examples showing their ability to produce professional looking visuals? NOT realistic. Most agencies want you to supply them with a set of professional images already in your possession that they will use to market you with. So YES it's true that if an agency wants to work with you they shouldn't charge you an up front fee ONLY because you should be coming in the door with your own professional portfolio already in existence ready to be submitted to their clients. If you don't already have that, a legitimate agency, will turn you around and tell you that you need to put together a professional portfolio on your own first before they consider representing you.

"I don't need to invest in a portfolio cause I'm already a model/actress..." - Oh really. Okay. Can you send us tear sheets from a notable advertisement campaign that paid you for your services? Or how about some video footage from a TV commercial/show or a film that you were featured in. You see shooting with amateur photographers doing free TFCD (trade for CD) shoots does NOT make you a model/actress. It makes you someone's test subject. Doing a fashion show or music video FOR FREE (what...lol) because they told you it was going to be great exposure for you doesn't make you a model. It just means that you did some work for free for a company that didn't value you enough to pay you.

This is a straight up industry that is very elusive, confusing and extremely frustrating for most that take on the challenge. The reality is that most aspiring talents make it harder on themselves than it has to be only because they are unorganized and getting bad advice from people that are NOT qualified to give advice about this industry. NO PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION = NO PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES.

The answer is actually very clear. There are NO guarantees but there are ways that you increase your chances of success like shooting with Adonis Asante of www.LookAtYouATL.com and building a professional looking portfolio that will attract the eyes of industry executives. So you can either continue on the path to nowhere or you can believe in yourself enough to invest in doing what it takes to show the industry that you ARE serious about modeling and acting and as a result open doors that weren't there before. The choice is yours.


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LOVE & HIP HOP ATL's ALTHEA HEART is using the visuals that she took with Adonis Asante of www.LookAtYouATL.com (One of Atlanta's Premier Photographers) to promote and market herself with. She has taken many pictures with many photographers but she is marketing herself hard with LOOK AT YOU ATL's art. I'm honored and excited to keep the creativity going. So if too want to look like a MODEL in pictures whether for personal or business reasons make sure you connect with ME: www.LookAtYouATL.com - (800) 910-1833 ext.2



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